In January 2021, Capital & Income Solutions Ltd went into liquidation.

Capital & Income Solutions Ltd may have provided advice that resulted in your being worse off.

The company may have advised you to transfer your defined benefit pension to a private pension. Transferring your defined benefit pension means you would have lost valuable pension benefits. It may not be realistic to achieve the same level of benefits from your new private plan.

You may not have lost money yet. But transfers from a defined benefit pension to a private pension are complex and it is likely that Capital & Income Solutions Ltd may not have fully explained to you the terms and exclusions involved. The advice you received may not have been the best advice for you.

We have the expertise to calculate whether you have lost money, and if so, how much you have lost.

The FSCS are now assessing claims against Capital and Income Solutions Ltd and if you were advised by them, you may be entitled to compensation.

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