Facts & Figures had a close working relationship with Simon Harris & Steve Osborne of Atlantic Overseas Investment Limited.


Steve Osborne was a mortgage adviser with no permission to advise on pension transfers or to arrange investments, and Simon Harris was a financial adviser and director of Lansdown Place Financial Management Limited (trading as LP Financial Management Limited).


Both men were also directors of an unregulated firm – Atlantic Overseas. They promoted high risk and unregulated investments into Harlequin Property which were usually arranged via the Lifetime SIPP. Most SIPP providers will not accept transfers to their contracts without the involvement of regulated financial advisers and so Facts & Figures facilitated the pension reviews and helped clients facilitate “execution only” transactions.


If you have had any dealings with this firm, you may have lost money.  Remember that on the face of it you may think that you have not lost any money, but you should still review matters to make sure.  We have the expertise to calculate any loss that you may have incurred.


Some of our clients did not know that they have taken bad advice or that an adviser was at fault until they spoke to us.


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