Making a Claim

We have tried to make the process of making a claim with Claim My Loss as straightforward as possible.
You will never be charged a fee upfront for starting our claims process; we only charge a fee once your claim is successful.

Step 1 – Who are you claiming against

The first step in making a claim against anyone who is at fault.

Whether it is a:

Claim against a Financial Adviser who has mis-sold you a product, which has led to you losing money due to excessive fees, recommending unsuitable pension or investment products or negligence resulting in direct financial loss or tax liabilities.

Claim against a Pension Provider who has allowed your pension savings to be invested in high-risk investments or unregulated investments that were not suitable for you, resulting in financial loss.

Direct cash investment into high-risk investments or unregulated investments that were recommended by a financial adviser or other regulated party such as Discretionary Fund Managers (DFMs) or Regulated Investment Funds.

Business Energy Providers who have allowed brokers to inflate the costs of the energy supplied to your business, effectively allowing them to overcharge you to generate a commission.

Car Finance Companies who have allowed Car Dealers and Dealerships to increase the rates of interest on your car finance agreements to generate a hidden commission in your monthly payments.

Often, there are multiple parties at fault which means more potential claims and an increased chance for financial redress or compensation.

We offer a free consultation by phone to establish the right course of action to ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation or financial redress as quickly as possible.

Step 2 – Calculating your loss

Calculating loss isn’t as simple as considering what you have paid. Other factors, such as interest on the money lost during the period it was unavailable, tax liabilities and other factors which need to be considered dependent on the type of claim.

We have two handy tools to help you assess how much you could be due. These provide a rough estimate for your information to help you decide whether to make a claim with us.

The below calculator is for Claims against Financial Advisers, Pension Providers, Investment Providers, and other financial services institutions.

Pension, Financial Adviser and Investment Claims Calculator

Pension Claims Calculator

The calculator below is for businesses that used an energy broker and are looking to establish how much they may be eligible to claim against their energy provider.

Business Energy Claim Calculator

Business Energy Claims

If you want to follow up or ask any questions about your results, then you can get in contact on 0161 840 1560 or click on either of the forms below.

Step 3 – Preparing & Submitting your claim

This is where you benefit from a legal professional acting on your behalf.

We are experts in our chosen fields and will gather all the required evidence to prepare your claim, ensuring that no stone is left unturned. Our goal is to give your claim the highest possible chance of achieving the maximum level of compensation as quickly as possible.

We will prepare all the appropriate legal arguments, and once the claim is submitted, we will handle all queries and make the arguments on your behalf.

Step 4 – Offer of Settlement

As solicitors we act on your behalf, but we will never accept an offer of settlement without first consulting you.

We will always advise you if we believe that you may be entitled to more and allow you to make an informed decision on whether to accept the offer of settlement being made.

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