The SIPP Provider by the name of Guardian Pension Consultants (GPC) has gone into administration.

The company was responsible for administering pensions for Guardian Pension Trustees and had more than £130m of client assets.

The GPC SIPP was exposed to a series of failed investments, like SCS Farmland, Harmony Bay, InvestUS, Ethical Forestry, and Harlequin, in addition to a number of other unregulated and risky investments like The Resort Group.

Henry Shinners and Adam Stephens of Smith & Williamson have been appointed as the insolvency practitioners and the joint administrators of the GPC SIPP. They are now looking for buyers for the company and have already held meetings with some interested parties.

The collapse of the company came after it was subject to a number of potential claims challenges regarding the lack of due diligence over the investments that they accepted.

Get To Know Your Options

For anyone who is unsure about what is the best way to proceed and have been told by GPC to wait and hold tight, may find that they eventually run out of time to be able to make a claim. However, by calling us today, you will be able to receive clarification on whether or not you really are entitled to claim for compensation.

Additionally, you might also be able to claim for compensation even if you have already received financial redress from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme against GPC and where the amount you lost was in excess of the £50,00 that is awarded.

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