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The Merseyside Pension Fund is one of the largest public sector pension schemes in the United Kingdom, catering primarily to employees of local authorities and related organizations in the Merseyside area. This fund is a defined benefit scheme, which means it provides its members with a guaranteed pension based on their salary and length of service. The Merseyside Pension Fund is noted for its strong investment performance and commitment to responsible investment practices, integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into its decision-making processes. The fund’s management emphasizes transparency and accountability, ensuring that it operates in the best interests of its beneficiaries while also considering the long-term sustainability of the fund. This approach has allowed the Merseyside Pension Fund to remain a reliable source of retirement security for thousands of public sector employees, helping them achieve financial stability in their later years.

Have you transferred funds out of the Merseyside Pension Fund or Greater Manchester Pension Fund?

This is a local government pension that has been offered to workers, public sector employees, and contractors in the Merseyside and Greater Manchester local authority. These types of Local Government Pensions (LGPS) are considered to be highly dependable and secure.

Individuals with these types of pensions have the option of transferring them into private ones if they so wish. However, just because they have that option doesn’t mean they necessarily should. Doing so can result in significant losses.

When transferring a defined benefit or final salary pensions, such as the one provided by the local authorities in Merseyside and Greater Manchester, to a private pension this involves transferring something that is dependable and secure for something that is uncertain, and so should only ever be done after careful consideration and after seeking the advice of a financial expert. Unfortunately, many people have received poor financial advice. There has been a large increase over recent years, of cases of missold pensions where people found themselves to be much worse off come retirement. If this is you, don’t worry as we can work out if you are entitled to compensation.

To find out more, call us today for a no-obligation free chat. We can help to move your claim along and it won’t cost you the Earth given that we don’t buy in data or use call centres, so our fees are very reasonable in comparison to some other solicitors. Best of all, you only have to pay these fees once you have received all of your compensation and are happy with the service we provide you with.

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