Restrictions were placed on Meyado Private Wealth (previously known as Berkshire Financial Advisors) in 2021 by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The reason for this was that a number of complaints were upheld by the Financial Ombudsman Service regarding clients being given information regarding investments and pensions that wasn’t suitable for them. This meant that the company wasn’t able to accept new clients and nor was it able to sell assets like their client books, or pay shareholders or directors. Another company associated with this one is Meyado Protect and that too has ceased trading.

Transferring Pensions

There have been a large number of complaints made against Meyado Private Wealth regarding the advice given by the company’s appointed representative, Heather Dunne IFA (HDIFA). This advisor was already known to the Financial Conduct Authority for being part of Financial Solutions Midhurst – a company that went into liquidation in 2017.

The likes of Green Planet Investment Ltd (introducers that didn’t have permission to advise clients) were actively introducing clients to HDIFA.

The complaints there were being made by clients were regarding the poor advice that had been given about value of different benefits from the defined benefit pension scheme of former employers into self-invested personal pensions (SIPPs). These had underlying investments that were arranged into carbon credits with Anglo Capital Partners Limited, White Sands Country Club in Brazil, and a chateau development in rural France.

Poor Advice

Anyone that had dealings with this company and transferred their pension as a result of the poor advice they’d given should get their transaction(s) with them reviewed immediately.

Any company that attempts to get in contact with you about your case through cold calling should be avoided as they will have purchased your personal details illegally, paying commission to the very company you want to claim against.

Financial redress

We offer a free and no obligation pension consulting service where you can speak with one of our experts about how best to proceed with your claim. However you need to act quickly as there are time barring restrictions in place. If you do decide to use our services to progress your claim then know that our fees are very reasonable, as unlike other companies, we don’t buy peoples personal data.

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