Did you transfer out of the Police Pension Scheme?

Police officers want to make their plans for a retirement income nice and simple. The Police Pension Scheme provides them with an income that is guaranteed for life and is based on how long they serve, either by an average of or final salary, and a couple of other discretionary factors. In addition to this, they also come with a range of death-in-service benefits for any dependants or spouses they have if they die before being able to draw their pension.

If you have a career that is full of risk, it is reassuring for Police Officers to have a good pension in place that will look after any loved ones they leave behind. It is uncommon for anyone to be risky when it comes to a secure pension. When a transfer of funds is completed, it is usually because of unsound advice from a financial advisor.

There are various rules and regulations in place to protect individuals from any pension transfer that will end up leaving them worse of in retirement. Unfortunately, unscrupulous financial advisors exist and they often recommend pension transfers to inferior schemes, leading to poor outcomes.  If you think this may have happened to you, then get in contact to see if you are entitled to make a claim for compensation.

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