Premier Foods Pension Scheme

The Premier Foods Pension Scheme provides retirement benefits to employees of Premier Foods, one of the UK’s largest food manufacturers, known for iconic brands such as Mr. Kipling, Ambrosia, and Bisto. This scheme is structured as a defined benefit pension plan, ensuring members receive a predictable and stable pension based on their salary and length of service. The scheme plays a key role in the company’s benefits package, demonstrating Premier Foods’ commitment to supporting its employees’ financial security during retirement. With a focus on long-term sustainability, the pension scheme is managed through strategic investment decisions and rigorous risk assessments, aimed at maintaining a healthy balance between growth and safety of the fund’s assets. The management practices ensure that the scheme meets its present and future liabilities, providing peace of mind to its members and reflecting the company’s dedication to its workforce’s wellbeing.

Have you recently transferred out of the Premier Foods Pension, Premier Grocery Products Pension Scheme, or RHM Pension Scheme?

Premier Foods has more than 17,000 employees located throughout the UK and is one of the biggest food manufacturers in the country. Although their staff are no longer provided with final salary pensions, some do still have them, and they provide a guaranteed source of income in retirement. The amount they receive is based on either their career average salary or their final salary. These pensions are very secure and provide workers with a great amount of peace of mind.

However, some employees sought advice from unscrupulous financial advisors that persuaded them to transfer out of what is a secure pension to a much less suitable one. This has impacted significantly their plans for retirement. It is the responsibility of financial advisors to ensure that their clients are not made any worse off from a pension transfer, and so the advice they give must be in their client’s best interest.

If this has happened to you, then we are able to discuss your circumstances and help you to determine whether you can claim compensation. Please give us a call today and speak to one of our experts about how to move forward. This is free and there is no obligation to use our service; a service you only pay for if your claim is successful and after you have received our financial redress. What’s better is that our fees are very reasonable when compared with other solicitors out there.

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