The company known as Rowanmoor is split into Rowanmoor Executive Pensions Ltd, Rowanmoor Personal Pensions Ltd, and Rowanmoor Trustees Ltd.

It advertises itself as being the leading pension provider in the UK, however many of their clients have been disappointed with the services they provide as their investments have lost money and there is a distinct lack of ownership when it comes to problems with investments.

Compensation Claim

Many of the company’s clients are not aware that they can claim for compensation if they were given advice to move funds out of their pension into Rowanmoor through a family pension trust or a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP). The investments are not liquid or therefore accessible, clients are paying expensive yearly charges and fees despite the fact that their investments are valued at nil. Rowanmoor didn’t adequately vet investments prior to putting them into their portfolio, the company should have done more to keep their clients pension funds protected.

Fortunately for these clients we specialise in helping people to progress their compensation claims against the likes of Rowanmoor, our legal experts are highly experienced and have helped lots of people to recover their losses.

Seek Claims Advice

Rowanmoor has had stories about the company feature in the media on a number of occasions. One such instance was when the police investigated a company director for fraud in 2009. Then, more recently, it was found by a pension ombudsman that the process the company used for insuring property investments wasn’t adequate.

Next Steps

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