St Martin’s Partners LLP (SMP) worked closely with First Pension Review Service who are an unregulated introducer.


First Review Pension Service and Lifestyle Connection featured in a Panorama documentary in 2016.


The companies arranged free pension reviews and arranged for couriers to go directly to a potential investors home to collate pension information, anti-money laundering information and basic client information.


They gave sales information in relation to setting up SIPPs or Qualified Regulated Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) and investments in the Cape Verde-based hotel development The Resort Group.


The Resort Group (TRG), which owned the two introducers, decided that Lifestyle Connections and First Review would stop taking new business after the report was aired.


Shortly afterwards a new firm was set up, Pension Connect, with same directors and staff.Final Salary Pension Transfers


You may have been introduced to several companies such as St Martin’s Partners LLP or a related firm, Felicitas Management Investment Services Limited.


Felicitas is based in Cyprus and held temporary permissions on the FCA register as the firm was not authorised or regulated to provide pension advice they utilised the services of St Martin’s Partners LLP in relation to the transfer of Final Salary pensions.


Transfers were arranged to Harbour Pensions Limited in Malta which have since been taken over by STM Malta Pension Services Limited, a member of STM Group.


Investments were arranged via Novia Global Limited into TRG Bonds as well as other DFM investments.


If you have had any dealings with this firm, you may have lost money.  Remember that on the face of it you may think that you have not lost any money, but you should still review matters to make sure.  We have the expertise to calculate any loss that you may have incurred.

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