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We have a team of experts who will scrutinise any advice given by independent financial advisers to quickly establish if they’ve acted in your best interests.

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Help you recover money lost through investments, pensions or bad advice

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Our claim experts work with you to ascertain if you are eligible to claim on a no win no fee basis

We will quickly establish if you have been given bad advice

We will work with you to quickly find out if the advice given was bad

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We will quickly confirm how eligible your claim is.

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HT Legal Helpline operate on a No Win No Fee basis.

Receive up to £85,000 in compensation if you are unhappy with your pension advice

Millions of people across the United Kingdom have suffered as a result of overcharging and poor performance in their pensions.  

Some have even lost money in their pensions due to being advised into toxic investment and have lost thousands of pounds as a result.

HT Legal are experts in obtaining the maximum compensation for you and have helped thousands of clients to receive compensation for losses incurred through bad pension advice.

Our average successful claim is £62,456

Are you unhappy with the service or fees charged by your Independent Financial Adviser?

Have you ever transferred your personal or company pension?

Have you ever been cold called about your pension?

Did you transfer your private pension to a Self-invested Pension (SIPP) and have lost money as a result?

Answered Yes to any of these questions? Then you are highly likely to have a claim.