Trading Styles From To 02 May 2017 08 Nov 2018
Sterling Green Ltd 04 Apr 2017 02 Jul 2021
Beyond Comparison Group 27 Jul 2016 11 Sept 2017
beyondcomparison 27 Jul 2016 11 Sept 2017 27 Jul 2016 11 Sept 2017
Sterling Green Loans 13 Jan 2016 08 Nov 2018
Sterling Green (Mortgages) Ltd 05 Jul 2007 04 Apr 2017


Why can you claim for compensation or redress against Sterling Green Ltd

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme has declared Sterling Green Ltd as failed as of 9th February 2024 2024

This firm is no longer trading, so you may be able to make a claim against it


Companies House show the Company was incorporated on 7th September 2005

According to the FCA Register the company has not been authorised since 25/01/2023

This company is associated with claims for self-invested personal pensions.

Who was involved?

The following is a list of individuals who are currently or were previously involved in regulated activities at Sterling Green Ltd

Christopher Pike, Richard Brownlee, Analena Crust, Christopher Smith, Andrew Gannon, Peter Wilson, Geoff Hibbert, Daniel Shread, Paul Womersley, Martin Sallenger, Nicola Sharples, Liam Dervin, Khalil Yaqub, Peter Davey, Khuram Ahmad, Joshua Sanchez, Daniel Jackson, Beverley Musso, Ciaran Hamilton, Ashley Strongitharm, Andrew Clark, Jason McClean, Maria Berry and Syed Ali

Appointed representatives and agents

The following are the Appointed Representatives and Payment services / Electronic money agents currently or previously connected with this firm. In each case, the principal is / was responsible for the regulated activities carried out on its behalf by its appointed representatives / agents during the dates shown below as Effective from and Effective to (when the relationship ended). An agent or Appointed Representative may act of behalf of more than one principal firm.


Company Name From To
All The Options Ltd Nov 2017 29 Oct 2018
Central (Wolverhampton) Ltd 05 Apr 2017 16 Oct 2017
Clarke and Jones Ltd 08 Dec 2017 15 Jun 2020
Debt Free Associates Limited 05 Jun 2017 21 Nov 2017
Debt Help Specialists Ltd 20 Aug 2018 29 Oct 2018
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Kitts Wealth Management Ltd 18 Jun 2018 15 Mar 2022
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PDV Ltd 11 Aug 2016 28 Feb 2017
Personal IVA Ltd 24 Jan 2018 19 Mar 2018
Refundable Ltd 30 Dec 2020 15 Mar 2022
Save n Protect Limited 09 Nov 2017 04 Apr 2018
Sterling Green Financial Ltd 14 Jul 2016 19 May 2020
Tri-Nations Ltd 31 Mar 2017 13 Jun 2017


How can we help?

We have helped thousands of customers on a no-win no-fee basis get the compensation and justice they deserve when making claim against regulated companies like Sterling Green Ltd

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The first step is a free no-obligation consultation, you can learn more about services on our making a claim page.

Once we have assessed your claim, if we believe you are due compensation then we will help you build the best possible complaint by launching a full investigation, gathering evidenced from all the relevant parties to package your claim and submit to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. We will argue your case to ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation available to you.

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NB: Information for this page was gathered on 17/04/2024 from the following sources, FSCS Website, FCA Register, Companies House Register and is too our knowledge accurate as of that date.

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