Have you ever transferred funds out of the Universities Superannuation Scheme Pension?

For anyone that was part of the Universities Superannuation Scheme prior to 1992, they would have received a highly valuable retirement fund system. More recently though this scheme has been replaced for workers.

It is the second biggest private pension scheme in the UK with more than £50 bn under management and providing individuals with a range of fantastic benefits. This includes tax relief on contributions, being able to take cash out at the point of retirement, and receiving payments that are equal to 3x their annual salary should they die prior to taking retirement. To transfer away from this, an individual would need to be offered something pretty special.

By having a retirement fund that is secured, people have greater peace of mind that their retirement is going to be comfortable. It is very rare that an individual should be advised to transfer away from this type of pension, and that should only ever come from a financial advisor. However, there remain some people who are given this advice and as a result they end up being much worse off.

Unscrupulous financial advisors have made huge profits from providing their clients with unsound advice and then earning commission on the resulting pensions transfers. We speak regularly with people who have listened to this advice and now find themselves in life changing situations that they regret.

Anyone that finds themselves in a similar situation should call is today for a free and no obligation conversation with one of our experts who will quickly be able to determine if you are entitled to compensation and how best to apply for it. Our fees for providing help are very reasonable given that we don’t buy in customer data or use call centres. When it does come to paying our fees, this is only done was you have received your financial redress and only if you are happy with the service received from us.


Some of our clients did not know that they have taken bad advice or that an adviser was at fault until they spoke to us.


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