Administrative Error at FSCS Causes Chaos for Solicitors and Claims Management Companies

By Published On: 11 June 2024


Recently, an administrative error at the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) has caused widespread disruption, affecting solicitors and claims management companies. Here’s what happened and how we’re addressing it.

The Error

The FSCS mistakenly sent out letters overnight stating that several firms had been de-authorised. This error caused immediate confusion and concern among clients about the legitimacy of their claims and their legal representatives.

Immediate Impact

This mistake has led to unnecessary panic and increased workloads for solicitors and claims management companies, who now must manage client enquiries, rectify misinformation, and reassure clients.

FSCS’s Correction Efforts

The FSCS is working to correct the error by sending out letters to affected clients, clarifying that the de-authorisation notices were sent in error.

HT Legal Ltd’s Response

At HT Legal Ltd, we’re taking proactive steps to support our clients:

Immediate Clarification: We’re contacting affected clients to explain the situation.

Enhanced Support: Offering detailed briefings and consultations to address concerns.

Ongoing Updates: Keeping clients informed with timely updates.

If you’ve received an incorrect letter from the FSCS, please we can provide clarification and support, rest assured the FSCS will send clarification that this was an error in due course.

Our dedicated team is here to assist you through every step of the process.

HT Legal Ltd

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