HT Legal Ltd Announces Major Success in Claims Against Sequence Financial Management with FSCS

By Published On: 18 April 2024


LONDON, UK. April 16th, 2024 – HT Legal Ltd, a leader in financial services claims, today celebrates a significant victory with their 11th successful claim for clients involved in claims against Sequence Financial Management through the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

The successful claims relate to investments in The Resort Group, which were sold through an unregulated introducer, First Pension Review Services, as featured on BBC’s Panorama in July 2016.

“This marks a significant milestone after three years of diligent efforts,” said Tony Carter, Managing Director of HT Legal Ltd.

“While this represents a considerable win, we must remember that thousands of clients who have lost money with financial advisers haven’t come forward yet. Our team of experts simplifies the process. We offer a no-obligation assessment, which clients can schedule on our website,”

HT Legal Ltd’s success comes after an 18-month review by the FSCS, which originally rejected all claims. The firm appealed on the grounds that The Resort Group was, in fact, an Unregulated Collective Investment Scheme. In January 2024, the FSCS agreed and upheld the first of HT Legal’s client claims.

Despite the increased costs and time involved in submitting their appeal, HT Legal have not applied any additional charges to their clients.

Tony added: “We know that some of our competitors have chosen to take more aggressive action which has resulted in their clients having to pay additional charges. We always believed we would see a positive outcome and wanted to remain focused on our clients getting the best financial result.”

Despite this progress, challenges remain, with an estimated 300 clients affected and claims ranging from £5,000 to £300,000. Although the FSCS has a maximum compensation per claim of £85,000, many clients may still face substantial losses. HT Legal Ltd continues to work tirelessly to secure justice for every client.
Tony continued: “While we celebrate this victory, our mission continues. We are committed to helping all affected clients get the justice they deserve. We encourage anyone who has lost money with financial advisers to reach out to us for support.”

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