If you were convinced to move your pensions, ISA or savings to be managed by a St Jame’s Place adviser then you may be due redress or compensation.

We offer a free-no obligation reviewby phone where we can establish whether you may have grounds to claim for financial redress.

St James Place (SJP) are one of the world’s largest Wealth Management organisations.

They are a FTSE100 company trusted with over £142.3bn* of client funds.  They refer to their Financial Advisers as partners and have over 4,626* partners in their network.  SJP as a company are a generally well-regarded organisation who serve many clients very well in UK and overseas.

However as with all organisations of a certain size whilst the majority of their advisers adhere to certain standards many clients have been dissatisfied over the years for varying reasons, resulting in investigations into their practise.


TIED AGENCY – Many clients are under the impression that SJP are Independent Financial Advisers however SJP advisers are tied agents who only have access to SJP products. This is important because an SJP agent can ONLY arrange a SJP Product (such as ISA or Pension) EVEN IF another companies product better suits your investment needs.  If a client has been misled in this manner then they do have grounds for a complaint.
FUND PERFORMANCE – Often SJP funds have underperformed. Where people were advised by an SJP partner to transfer from an existing Pension or investment to SJP they may have suffered losses as a result.  This is because the investor MAY HAVE BEEN BETTER OFF by leaving their investment with the previous investment company.  A recent independent study by “yodelar” found that 8.6 out of 10 SJP funds consistently underperformed and more worryingly, OVER 50% OF SJP FUNDS RANK IN THE WORST 25% OF THEIR SECTOR. See link St James’s Place Review (yodelar.com)
OVERCHARGING – SJP have a unique charging structure (particularly when it comes to pensions) where fees can on occasion be built into a product over several years. Not only does this have a negative impact on the performance of investments it also means that clients who attempt to leave can be hit with exit penalties for doing so, essentially making them captive to SJP. In many cases clients are NOT AWARE that they are paying for services that they are not receiving.  A study undertaken by nutmeg exposed this situation and was published in The Times .  See link  An exposé of St James’s Place puts the spotlight on high fees (nutmeg.com)

Step 1

Fill out our simple SJP online form – Click Here

Step 2

Have a 10 minute consultation with one of our expert team.

We will identify if there are potential grounds for complaint

Step 3

Instruct HT Legal to act for you.

There is nothing to lose

Our team will employ expert witnesses to identify what losses you may have suffered.

If we do not feel after our investigation that you have grounds to complain you will at least have peace of mind.

We offer a no win no fee service.


Some of our clients did not know that they have taken bad advice or that an adviser was at fault until they spoke to us.

Contact us and get a FREE ASSESSMENT


Experience tells us that many of our clients who have lost money have felt all kinds of emotions-anger, upset, despair, acceptance and even shame. The first stage in dealing with these emotions is to act and to discuss what happened to you with an expert.

When you contact HT Legal to discuss your situation, we will always be empathetic and be honest and open about whether we do feel that you are entitled to recompense for what has happened to you before you even consider using our services.


When you call there is no obligation at all.  You will be talking to a case manager and not someone in a call centre.  We are friendly and use plain English.


We will listen to your circumstances and let you know if we feel that you are entitled to compensation.  We will try to let you know the approximate value of your claim.


We operate a no win no fee service.  If you would like us to help you with a claim we will explain how the service works and confirm all of this in writing to you.  Having received and read the no-win, no-fee agreement, if are happy to proceed you appoint HT Legal as your team.


You will be appointed a case manager and he or she will then gather all the evidence that we need to put together the application for your compensation.  We will do everything that we can to get the maximum amount of recompense for the money you have lost.


Once your compensation claim has been paid, we check that you have received the correct amount owed to you.  If it is unsuccessful, we help with any appeal that may be necessary.

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