West Midlands Pension Fund

The West Midlands Pension Fund is one of the UK’s largest public sector pension schemes, serving employees of local authorities and other related public services in the West Midlands area. It operates primarily as a defined benefit scheme, ensuring that members receive a pension based on their salary and years of service. This structure provides a predictable and secure financial foundation for retirees. The fund is known for its robust management and commitment to responsible investment strategies, aligning its operations with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. With a focus on long-term sustainability, the West Midlands Pension Fund actively seeks to balance the interests of its members, employers, and the broader community. Its proactive approach includes significant investments in local infrastructure projects, supporting both the regional economy and the creation of additional value for the fund’s stakeholders. This strategic vision underscores the fund’s role not only as a provider of retirement benefits but also as an influential participant in the wider economic landscape of the region.

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