Did you transfer from the BP Pension Fund?

Some larger, older businesses, such as BP, offered their workers final salary pensions. These are highly valuable thanks to their many generous benefits.

Many financial advisors were particularly persuasive in getting members to transfer funds from this secure pension even though the transfer would not be in the best interest of their clients.  This led to a loss of certain benefits that were irreplaceable. Financial advisors are duty-bound to abide by FCA rules and regulations.  These include where a pension transfer is not suitable, they should provide sound reasoning on why it might be suitable for their client. The advice they give should be issued on a case-by-case basis.

Once a pension transfer has been completed many people lost money without realising it. If this happened to you then do not worry as we can help to determine if the advice you were given was negligent. If this is found to be the case, then you might be eligible to apply for a compensation claim.

Please call us for a free-of-charge, no-obligation chat with one of our experts. They will be able to provide you with insight into how to proceed with your compensation claim. The fees that we charge are very reasonable when compared with those of other solicitors. This is because we do not purchase client data from third party suppliers and nor do we use call centres.

Call us now for a phone or video consultation with one of our legal experts on 0800 041 8358 to find out if you are entitled to compensation, you may even be entitled to additional compensation if you have successfully claimed in the past.

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