For many investors, the idea of putting their pension money into an ethical investment like Green Oil Plantations Limited is one that sounds great.

The company promised investors that it would produce huge amounts of agricultural fertiliser, animal feed, and biofuel, via a plantation of Millettia trees based in Australia.

The investment was an ethical and ecological one as it looked to minimise the global need for reliance on crude oils.

However, after taking investors’ money, Green Oil Plantations Limited went insolvent. Administrators put this down to not guaranteeing the first harvest and so not being able to monetise the crop meant much lower incomes were received than expected. The company did not possess enough money to actually achieve harvest and to also meet the obligations made to investors.

This meant that lots of investors received very little to no return on the money that they put into the company.

If you have lost money to Green Oil Plantations Limited then you should get in contact with us as you are likely to be entitled to make a claim for compensation. However, you need to act quickly as there are time limitations in place.

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