Orthios Eco Parks  –  What type of investment is it?

Orthios Eco Parks also known as Lateral Eco Parks was an investment Bond structured to allow investors the opportunity to help fund large-scale Bio Mass Energy Power Stations in Wales.


The structure of the investment was a Bond which effectively acts as a loan from the investor in return for being paid a fixed rate of interest over a fixed period of time.


Investors were attracted to this investment due to the higher returns being promised compared to standard investments, the fixed returns, and the socially responsible aspirations.


This was an ambitious project with multiple funding channels and offered ultimate security over the land acquired and therefore it seemed unlikely that investors would lose money in the event of any issues.


However whilst the investment proposition may have appeared sound the product is still an unregulated investment and whilst it did offer a fixed rate of return in order for investors to cash out of the investment prior to the fixed term they would need to sell the Bond which meant that most bonds were deemed to be illiquid.


This investment is deemed as non-standard and is therefore only suitable for professional investors, sophisticated investors, or high net worth individuals. However many clients who do not fall into either of those categories were convinced by regulated individuals to invest in Orthios.


Due to unforeseen circumstances, Orthios was placed into Administration making the outcome for investors very uncertain however for clients who have invested via SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pensions) or on the advice of a Financial Adviser there should be compensation available via the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.


If you have invested in Orthios Eco Parks (Anglesey) either via your pension or in cash then one of our financial services experts can assess your individual circumstances and identify the best approach to ensuring you maximise your compensation.


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