Investors were offered significant returns on investments made into car parking spaces at both airports and in city centres by a company called Park First which owned and operated them.

Park First was part of the Group First company which also provided storage pods and office pods. Investors put money into the business either directly with cash or through their pensions.

Unfortunately, the company collapsed back in July 2019 after not being able to provide investors who had opted for the buyback option their money. This was guaranteed as part of the arrangement.

Initially Park First had promised investors that they could expect to receive returns of around 10 percent during years three and four, and then 12 percent during years five and six.

Companies Associated With Park First

Some of the companies that were associated with Park First include the following:

Paypark Limited, Harley Scott Residential Limited (formerly Park First Glasgow Limited), Airport Parking Rentals (Gatwick) Limited, Park First Skyport Limited, Help Me Park Gatwick Limited, Park First Gatwick Rentals Limited, Park First Glasgow Rentals Limited, Park First Freeholds Limited, Group First Global Limited, Limited, Park First Management Limited, and Cophall Parking Gatwick Limited.

Compensation Claims

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