Quilter Under Investigation – Potential Compensation Opportunities

Quilter is under investigation by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) due to possibly high ongoing charges. This could mean compensation for clients, especially those who didn’t know Quilter’s advice was limited and didn’t cover the entire market. There are also concerns about clients being advised on Defined Benefit pension transfers when it might not have been suitable for them.

About Quilter

Quilter Financial Services Ltd, known as Quilter, is a major wealth management company based in London. Registered with the FCA under firm number 440703, Quilter has gone through various brand changes but remains a trusted name in financial services. Quilter provides a wide range of wealth management services, helping clients achieve their financial goals with confidence and expertise.

Quilter’s Family of Companies

Quilter has grown through mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships, creating a strong network of financial entities. These include:

  • Quilter Cheviot Financial Planning and Quilter Financial Advisers: Offering personal and corporate finance advice.
  • Quilter Private Client Advisers and Old Mutual Wealth Private Client Advisers: Providing bespoke advice for high-net-worth individuals.
  • Quilter International and Quilter Investment Platform: Facilitating global investments and platform services.
  • Old Mutual Wealth UK and Quilter Life Assurance: Providing wealth management and life assurance solutions.
  • Charles Derby Financial Services and Charles Derby Group: Specialising in personal and corporate financial planning.
  • Lighthouse Group Ltd and Intrinsic: Extending their advisory network across the UK.
  • Quilter Investors and Old Mutual Investment Management: Managing investments with client-centric strategies.
  • Quilter Cheviot Investment Management and Cheviot Asset Management: Known for bespoke portfolio management.
  • Skandia, Old Mutual Global Investors, and Skandia Investment Group: Offering innovative investment solutions.
  • Old Mutual Asset Managers and Old Mutual: Providing additional investment management expertise.

These companies together offer comprehensive wealth management services, maintaining Quilter’s reputation for excellence and client-focused outcomes.

Why This Happened

The FCA ensures that financial advisors like Quilter have fair and transparent pricing. This investigation aims to correct any unfair charges that clients might have experienced.

Are You Eligible for Quilter Compensation?

If you’ve invested with Quilter and faced high charges or received poor advice, you might be entitled to compensation. Knowing if you’re affected is the first step in claiming compensation.

Steps to Claim Your Compensation

  1. Free Initial Consultation: Speak with our experts at HT Legal Ltd to see if you have grounds for a claim. Call us at 0161 840 1560.
  2. Document Collection: If you have relevant financial documents, great. If not, we’ll help gather all the necessary information to support your claim.
  3. Submitting Your Claim: Our specialists will submit your claim or complaint to ensure you get compensated.

Quilter’s Response

Quilter is working to comply fully with FCA standards and address any issues raised in the investigation.

Contact Us

For expert advice and to start your claim, call us today at 0161 840 1560.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What role does the FCA play? The FCA regulates financial entities to ensure they operate fairly and transparently, protecting consumers from unfair fees.
  • How can I determine if I was overcharged? Check your financial statements for charges that were higher than agreed or not clearly explained.
  • What actions should I take if affected? Contact HT Legal Ltd at 0161 840 1560 for guidance on your rights and support in filing a claim.
  • Is there a deadline to make a claim? It’s best to act quickly to ensure your claim is processed promptly, though there might not be a strict deadline.
  • Can I file a claim for a family member? Yes, if you have the necessary documentation and legal authority, you can file on behalf of a family member.

For expert advice and to start your claim, contact our team today at 0161 840 1560.

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